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Gambling Proponents Push For Increased Betting Limits In Colorado

Local Choice Colorado Campaign Will Submit 200,000 Signatures To Get The Issue On The Ballot This November


Gambling proponents in Colorado are doing their part to raise the current $100 max bet in local casinos.

According to a Colorado Springs Gazette report, the Local Choice Colorado campaign announced that it will turn in 200,000 signatures to put Initiative 257, which would deal with the current betting structure, on the ballot this November.

The state only requires 124,632 signatures from registered voters, but groups always get an excess of signatures to account for signatures from non-registered voters and any fake names that were given.

The initiative garnered support from two prominent state politicians last February. Bruce Brown, a former Mayor of Cripple Creek and former Colorado Senate President Bill Cadman both threw their support behind the initiative. Cripple Creek, Black Hawk and Centennial City are the three towns that house most of the state’s 33 casinos.

The initiative won’t change the existing rules but would instead allow local residents to make the decision themselves. Initiative 50, which passed 12 years ago, did the same. Locals decided that casinos should be allowed to spread more casino games and raised the betting limit from $5 to $100.

As gambling legalization spreads throughout the country, the group believes that by raising the betting limits, Colorado casinos would become more competitive on a national scale, possibly increasing the tourism numbers to the handful of mountain towns with casinos.

An increase in betting limits would also correlate with an increase in revenue. The initiative proposes that the increased tax collection go to support local community colleges.

Last year, voters narrowly passed a ballot initiative that legalized sports betting in the Centennial State. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, sports betting launched at the start of May.