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WSOP 2007: Cyndy Violette

It's the Structures Stupid


Card Player caught up with tournament star Cyndy Violette during the World Series of Poker.

Card Player: How has your Series gone so far?

Cyndy Violette: Well, it started out good. I cashed four times early; then when I realized how the structures were in the limit events, I started getting more frustrated and lost some heart. With the slow starts and then the crapshoot second days, it got very frustrating to me actually. I got so frustrated that it really was hard to dig in the first day and build chips when you know that the second day is just a crapshoot. You lose one or two hands and you're out. It's very frustrating and it's a shame that the World Series has to be like that.

CP: Have you played fewer events because of that frustration?

CV: No actually [laughing] not really. Well, I did take a day off where I probably wouldn't have, so maybe one less event. Actually that was because I was so aggravated and I didn't have the heart to come in. But then I decided to put it behind me and that is the way it is. You just have to adjust.

CP: What's the best change this year at the WSOP?

CV:The best thing is the addition of a lot more mixed games, not as many no-limit hold'em events, a lot more stud and mixed and even S.H.O.E. And I like the décor in here [we were in the tournament room]. It's a lot nicer; the lighting, the pictures of the champions, the energy in here is a lot nicer.

CP: And for next year you want them to fix?

CV: The structures! The structures! That's the most important thing. It's ridiculous. This is the World Series. I mean some skill should win.



almost 14 years ago

AMEN to the structures comment, Cindy!!


almost 14 years ago

i would like to know if other players feel the same about the structure