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Robert Mizrachi Wins Event No. 50 at the WSOP

Mizrachi Tops a Monster Final Table in the Action-Filled Pot-Limit Omaha World Championship


The $10,000 world championship of pot-limit Omaha is an action tournament. With each player having six two-card combinations, there is just more going on in each hand than is possible in hold'em. With so much action and such a large buy-in, this event attracted 314 players, up from 213 in 2006. Among the field were the biggest names in poker, including defending champ Lee Watkinson. At the end of day one, only 55 players remained. It took around nine hours to narrow the field to the final 10. David Chiu was eliminated on the final table bubble when his pair of aces and flush draw failed to improve against the two pair of Tommy Ly, and the final table was set. The seat assignments and chip counts were as follows:

1. Doyle Brunson: $510,000
2. Patrik Antonius: $650,000
3. Marco Traniello: $420,000
4, Rene Mouritsen: $775,000
5. Tommy Ly: $1,895,000
6. Jonas Flug-Entin: $445,000
7. Steve Sung: $175,000
8. Steve Ladowsky: $360,000
9. Robert Mizrachi: $1,090,000

With numerous big names including Doyle Brunson, who had positioned himself to tie Phil Hellmuth's record by winning an eleventh bracelet, this was sure to be a final table to remember. The action was fast and furious. The short stacks at the table needed to double up quickly if they wanted a chance at the title, and many of them met their end trying to build their stacks.

Brunson and Patrik Antonius, who both held medium-sized stacks, got involved with each other in some big pots. Antonius had doubled up off Brunson and left him on a short stack. In a later hand Brunson raised, and looking to finish the job, Antonius put Brunson all in. Brunson called and revealed 9 8 8 4, while Antonius tabled Q 7 6 3. The board came down A 7 3 10 5, giving Antonius sevens up, and sending Brunson to the rail in sixth ($123,967). As Brunson left the table, he received a rousing round of applause from the crowd and the remaining players.

With five players remaining, Robert Mizrachi and Rene Mouritsen began to take control of the table, eliminating the next two players, and eventually Antonius. Antonius was down to his last $415,000 and moved all in with A K 8 2. Mizrachi made the call with A A 6 5, and after the board came Q 7 5 3 J, Mizrachi took down the pot with the nut flush. Antonius was eliminated in third place ($311,394).

Upon the elimination of Antonius, heads-up play began with Mizrachi holding a sizable chip lead. Mizrachi was keeping the pressure on and he slowly ground Mouritsen down until Mouritsen doubled up with a full house. A few hands later, Mouritsen raised to $480,000 on the button and Mizrachi called. The flop brought Q 9 3 and Mizrachi pushed all in. Mouritsen made the call and revealed A Q 7 6 for top pair and a flush draw. Mizrachi tabled 10 9 9 5, which gave him middle set. The turn brought the 5 and the river brought the 6, improving neither player, and making Mizrachi the winner of the $10,000 pot-limit Omaha event. Mizrachi will take home $768,889 and his first World Series of Poker bracelet for the win. Mouritsen was awarded $464,877 for his second runner-up finish this year.



almost 14 years ago

WTG ROB, right after the $50K H.O.R.S.E. and the $10K M.E., this should be the 3rd most covenanted bracelet. $10K PLO is a total "stud" event played the the best-of-the-best. GL in the M.E. to win 2 outta the 3!!! seamarfan269


almost 14 years ago

Should read, "played BY the best-of-the-best. LOL to fans that cannot type, namely me. ;) seamarfan269