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CPTV Classic Poker Strategy Video -- Jason Somerville On Floating

Poker Pro and Twitch Broadcasting Star Talks About Calling With Nothing On The Flop


Jason SomervilleFloating. It’s not just for pools anymore.

It’s also a way to combat opponents who continuation bet a ton on flops, by calling with a hand that doesn’t merit a call on it’s own value with the intention of taking the pot away on a later street.

Card Player TV caught up with World Series of Poker bracelet winner and popular Twitch broadcaster Jason Somerville a few years ago to discuss floating for a CPTV strategy video. The young poker pro has $4 million in live tournament earnings, so it’s safe to say he’s familiar with all of the ttricks in the book, including the float.

“The general concept is that you think somebody is light but you don’t want to raise because it wouldn’t make any sense and you kinda want to represent a class of hands that is good, but not necessarily super good because those hands are hard to have. So you just call and see what happens,” said Somerville. “Maybe the turn card is something scary. Maybe they check and give up.”

Somerville also discusses the type of situations you should be looking to float in and more in the interview.

Check out the video in it’s entirety below: