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VH1 Classic Airs Rock n Roll Poker on Wednesday

Five Legendary Rockers Compete for Their Favorite Charities

What do you get when you bring five rock legends to Las Vegas to play poker? Thanks to VH1, Ultimate Bet TV, and TennerLisa Tenner and ZZ Top's Dusty Hill & God Smack's Sully ErnaAssociates, fans will get a chance to find out, when the Rock 'n' Roll for Charity Poker Tournament airs Wednesday, March 14, at 10 p.m. ET, on VH1 Classic, in an all-out grind for charity.

The Flamingo's Second City Theater felt more like the backstage of a rock concert last November, with Godsmack's Sully Erna, Pantera's Vinnie Paul, Kiss's Ace Frehley, ZZ Top's Dusty Hill, and Anthrax 's Scott Ian participating in the event. Rob Cross and Ian Hamilton were the lucky UltimateBet TV qualifiers, with Flamingo Hotel Casino's satellite winner Steve Thomas rounding out the eight-handed line-up.

The no-limit hold'em tournament, directed by Matt Savage and commentated by Mark Tenner and Phil Helllmuth, includes celebrity interviews with VH1 Classic's Lynn Hoffman, along with short poker tip segments by Mark Tenner and Phil Hellmuth. Scott Ian of Anthrax

Ace Frehley of Kiss and VH1 Veejay Lynn HoffmanThe players chose the following charities to receive their prize money donations: Vinny Paul (The National Children Cancer Society), Ace Frehley (The Alzheimer Foundation of America), Dusty Hill (Hepatitis Research Center at Baylor College of Medicine), Sully Erna (Tikkanen Fund, Community Alliance for Teen Safety), Scott Ian (LifeBeat, Incorporated), Ian Hamilton (Nevada Cancer Institute), Robb Cross (Doctors without Borders), and Steve Thomas (TenderLife).

Be sure to catch all the action Wednesday night on VH1 Classic as the final production of the Rock 'n' Roll for Charity Poker Tournament promises to hold as much excitement as the live taping.