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Cleveland Cop Accused Of Stealing Lotto Tickets

Handful Of Officers Suspended Without Pay For Involvement


A handful of cops in the city of Cleveland have been suspended for gambling on the job. One of them also didn’t pay the gas station for the lottery tickets he took.

According to, the cops were suspended without pay after a months-long internal investigation. The suspensions range from six to 30 days. Some reportedly are saying the suspensions are too harsh.

The Cleveland Police Patrolman’s Association president said that the gas station got annoyed that one of the cops wasn’t paying his lotto tab.

Who knew you can start a tab for buying lotto tickets?

Officers Charles Boddy, Nicole Corea, John Hotz, Robert O’Brien, Orville Taylor and Dustin Vowell also committed other misconduct, the report said. Hotz was the one with the tab.

From the report:

Hotz, on the force since 2011, was the most serious of the offenders. He was hit with nine internal charges, including filing erroneous duty reports, loitering and soliciting gratuities for personal gain, as well as forging sick payments and showing “a pattern of abuse” of sick leave in the end of 2013.

Cops are somewhat regularly in the news for misconduct related to gambling. Recently, a cop in Tennessee pleaded guilty to taking money in exchange for protecting what he thought was a high-stakes poker game, and Card Player last month reported on a couple of poker players who had $100,000 stolen from them by police officers in Iowa. The poker players are currently suing.

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