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Cop Busted For Protecting $1 Million Poker Game

Former Tennessee Deputy Faces Up To 20 Years In Prison


Robbie FloodA former police officer in Tennessee has pleaded guilty to taking cash for helping transport $1 million that he thought was being used for an underground, high-stakes poker game at a local hotel. It turned out that the game and the cash were part of a FBI sting.

Former Deputy Sheriff Robbie Flood took $550 for helping escort the money for people he thought were out-of-state gamblers. He was wearing his uniform and used his police vehicle.

Flood also requested to be compensated for gas, according to court documents.

Several other officers from agencies around East Tennessee were allegedly involved in the 2009 FBI sting. A federal grand jury recently indicted five of them, according to

According to court documents, the officers were reminded by the undercover federal agents that the poker game they were allegedly helping was illegal.

Flood will be sentenced this coming spring and faces up to 20 years in prison.

For a full look at the details of what Flood admitted to doing and what kind of poker game the FBI was purporting to run, check out the plea agreement that was filed late last month.

Plea Agreement, US v Robbie Flood

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almost 7 years ago

Wow we stopped a real criminal there..... Maybe the resources could have been used on working a little harder on the heroin epidemic


almost 7 years ago

Wow,the feds don't have anything else better to do,what a waste of taxpayers money, this is a gottdamn joke


almost 7 years ago

20 years? Rape and murder get less than that!


almost 7 years ago

Ridiculous !!!