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Delaware Gambler Loses 15-Team Parlay On Last Game, Would've Turned $5 Into $100K

Colts Couldn't Beat Eagles And So Opportunity Was Lost


This is pretty cruel.

A gambler in Delaware ran scorching hot in a NFL parlay this past weekend until losing the last game. He fell just short of turning $5 into $100,000, ESPN reported.

The gambler, whose name wasn’t revealed, picked 14 straight games (against the spread) correctly and just needed the Colts to beat the Eagles by more than a field goal on Monday night.

The Colts were winning 17-6 at halftime, but ended up losing 30-27.

No one has hit one of the 15-team, $5 parlays in Delaware since 2011, the report said.

The Delaware Lottery even wanted the guy to win.

“Honestly, we were rooting for the guy, starting with Sunday night’s game,” Delaware Lottery director Vernon Kirk told ESPN. "Our risk manager told us Sunday night that only one person had hit 14 games and needed the Bears and Colts.

“It definitely looked like Delaware had a winner when the Colts were up 14 midway through the third quarter,” Kirk added. “Then to have the Eagles rally like that—and to win in the last three seconds of the game—it was agonizing to watch when you knew one player was so close to such a big payout.” The odds of winning are about 32,000-to-1.

Delaware is one of four states in the U.S. with the legal clearance to offer sports betting, though it is very limited compared to what Nevada sports books offer. You can’t bet on a single game in Delaware. The gambler was unable to hedge his bet because of that rule.

He would’ve had to raise the money and then fly to Las Vegas.

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7 years ago

if theres ever been a spot to hedge here it is. i hope he was able to pay 400 for a flight and fly to vegas to get at least 25k on the eagles to guarantee himself a nice lil payday


7 years ago

I am sure he had it hedged somewhere, whether legal or not, especially since he had time between Sunday night and Monday night's game. New York is only an hour or so away and he could get plenty of action there if needed.


7 years ago

....word here in the poker room upstairs from where he played the card hedge...but on a positive note....there less Eagles fan....