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Sheldon Adelson To Launch Anti-Online Poker Group

Billionaire To Fund Extravagant Campaign On Issue


Sheldon Adelson is ready to spend lavishly on fighting online gambling in the U.S.

According to The Washington Post, the billionaire owner of Las Vegas Sands Corp. will be launching a public campaign to fight legalization of Internet betting.

It’s unclear how much he will spend, but his bank account is nearly limitless and he spent around $100 million last year trying to get a Republican in the White House.

He reportedly will be trying to portray the fledgling industry as “a danger to children, the poor and others who could be exploited by easy access to Internet betting.”

Right now, three states — Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware — have legal web gambling. Nevada and Delaware have both launched already, while New Jersey will do so this week.

According to The Post, in January Adelson will unveil the Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling, which will employ a wide range of people, including child advocates. The group will include former Denver mayor Wellington Webb, former U.S. senator Blanche Lincoln and former New York governor George Pataki. The three will give speeches and write op-eds.

Adelson will be trying to influence individual states who might be considering the issue in 2014, but he also wants a new federal bill specifically banning the activity.

“In my 15 years of working with [Adelson], I don’t think I have ever seen him this passionate about any issue,” Andy Abboud, Adelson’s top political adviser, told The Post.

This fall, Adelson commissioned a poll to show that residents in some states were against the idea of gambling coming to the Internet. The results have been disputed.

His moral position against web poker stems from his apparent fear that minors could gamble.

This past summer, he wrote an op-ed in Forbes where he said online gambling could bring a “plague” “to our society.” He finished the op-ed by calling the business a “toxin."



almost 8 years ago

What a hypercritical greedy douche bag. Looking at his ugly fat face makes me sick. This rich ignorant selfish douche bag wants to protect his own agenda.

He doesn't seem to care about"the poor and others" being exploited by his Las Vegas Sands Corp.

This fat phuck should not decide whether or not we can play online poker. It should be an individual decision, not something based on greed.


almost 8 years ago

There is serious skum at the highest levels of the Corporate World. But Adelson is absolutely at the top with few peers.


almost 8 years ago

Why don't this guy just leave the online poker world alone. The only thing he is mad at is he did not get into it first so he could make all the money.


almost 8 years ago

The face of greed. Motivated solely by $$$


almost 8 years ago

Adelson was too slow to jump on the internet bandwagon like the other casinos companies and now he will have to pay the price! What a hyprocritical scumbag!


almost 8 years ago

I think internet gambling is a serious threat to this country as a whole as it does exploit those who are ignorant of odds and probabilities. Poker is a game of skill that can be learned, while blackjack,roulette and all other casino table games are pure sucker bets that in the long run only the casinos will win. poker should be legal, the 3 card monte casino table games should NEVER be be legalized for the internet or god help us all!


almost 8 years ago

I think that is about time that everyone in the poker community bans together to completely boycott Las Vegas Sands Properties, doesn't participate in the poker room or any of the tournament series. If you believe in online poker then in good conscience how can any of us support Adelson's business.