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Casino Owner Objects To Death Penalty For His Attacker

Larry Flynt Wants Joseph Paul Franklin To Be Saved


Casino owner and porn magazine publisher Larry Flynt reportedly has filed court papers to try and prevent the state execution of the man who shot and paralyzed him from the waist down.

Joseph Paul Franklin, a serial killer, shot Flynt in 1978. He has been on death row in Missouri for a different crime. Altogether, he has been convicted of killing eight other people.

The 63-year-old Franklin joined the American Nazi Party as a teen and is considered a “white supremacist.” His killings were considered racially motivated.

He shot Flynt outside a courtroom as Flynt was on trial for obscenity after his magazine published a photo spread of a black man and a white woman.

One shouldn’t think that the 71-year-old Flynt is super merciful, however.

In a recent Hollywood Reporter column, he wrote: “I’d love an hour in a room with him and a pair of wire-cutters and pliers, so I could inflict the same damage on him that he inflicted on me.”

The execution is scheduled for Nov. 20.

Larry Flynt’s Hustler Casino is in Gardena, California, located around 15 miles south of Downtown Los Angeles. It is owned by Flynt through his El Dorado Enterprises holding company. Flynt is also an avid poker player.

The 2013 Larry Flynt Holiday Poker Classic begins on Nov. 24.

Reuters has more on the story.

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