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Massachusetts Gaming Regulators Want Wynn Resorts And Boston To Resolve Casino Dispute

Wynn Wants To Build New Casino, Boston Trying To Block It


Massachusetts gaming regulators want the city of Boston and Las Vegas-based Wynn Resorts to end their dispute about a new casino in the Boston area, The Boston Globe reported Thursday.

Wynn wants to build a casino in the neighboring town of Everett, but Boston officials had thought that part of the project would also cross the line into Boston’s jurisdiction. If Wynn’s project did so, it would result in the city having rights to kill the whole plan because under state law “host agreements” must be brokered between the developer and the place where the property would be constructed.

Boston’s mayor favors a competing project over Wynn’s.

However, on Wednesday, Wynn Resorts showed proof that that wouldn’t be the case. That didn’t satisfy Boston officials, though.

“It is easy to draw lines on a map and circumvent the boundaries of the city, but that doesn’t circumvent the impacts to the city,” Boston’s mayor’s office told The Globe.

“The city will continue to fight for the full protection of Charlestown [neighborhood] and the people of Charlestown.”

State gaming regulators reportedly warned both sides to resolve the dispute on their own within the week or there would be a public hearing to fully flush out the matter.

Regulators reportedly feel that the issue is pretty cut and dry.

Even if Boston didn’t qualify as a host community, it would receive some money from Wynn to compensate for any changes resulting from the casino, such as increased traffic.

Wynn is going against Suffolk Downs and Foxwoods for the sole casino license in the region. A winner will come sometime early next year. Three new casinos are coming to the state.

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