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Frist Sneaking Gambling Prohibition Act Through

PPA President Calls for Action


Right now, Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist is working to attach the Internet Gambling Prohibition Act to a port defense bill that will be voted on sometime this evening.

"There's a high degree of concern on our behalf that Senator Frist is going to be able to push this through," said Michael Bolcerek, president of the Poker Players Alliance. "We're outraged. This is political gamesmanship."

Later tonight, the rules committee will decide if the Prohibition Act will be added to a bill dealing with port defense. It won't be added if it's deemed too controversial, something the PPA believe is the case.

If the rules committee doesn't think it's too controversial, it will be added and the Port Security Bill will be voted on sometime around midnight. It will be the last vote of the evening.

The PPA is encouraging its members and poker lovers to get in touch with their lawmakers this evening. A list of every Senator's number can be found at the PPA's webpage

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over 15 years ago

How about helping us in Washington State, where online poker is spelled out in the law that went into effect 06,06,2006 which makes online poker a class C felony. We need help to reverse this law which is far more strict and makes playing poker more risky due to loss of cival rights if proscuted. Also the head of the Washington State Gaming commusion stated they will prosucte online poker players. To ignore us is inviting other states to write simular laws which would be much worse then the new federal law. By the way, a Democrat sponsered this dump law in Washington state, which makes Republicians and Democrats both responsible for trying to stop online poker.