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Montestars Poker Takes Over Montenegro

Online Gaming Market Regulated In Montenegro Through Three-Way Deal


The one and only King of Montenegro, Nicholas IA deal has been made which will regulate the Montenegro online gaming market. Negotiations began late last year between Montestars Poker and 5050Poker and the two companies recently came to an agreement along with Avala Casino ensuring Montestars Poker has the sole right to arrange poker, casino, and sports booking in Montenegro as of Sept. 1.

The site, which takes the place of 30 or so gaming sites already established on the Montenegrin market, will operate via a white label solution from 5050Poker, the organisation which holds its EU licence. Avala Casino holds the site’s national Montenegrin license.

Patrick Sjögren, CEO of 5050Poker Holding AB, said, “The gaming world, and especially online gaming, is always looking for new markets, and this area of Europe is undoubtedly one of the hottest. That we now have exclusive rights in Montenegro shows that the brand 5050Poker is strong on the market.”

This news comes shortly after it was announced that will go public on Sept. 15, floating on the Swedish First North stock exchange.