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Euro Poker Tweets Of The Week

EPT Grand Final Kicks Off While Doyle Brunson May Be Preparing For Bird Season


Doyle BrunsonIt seems Doyle Brunson has been getting curious about a certain popular app featuring disgruntled birds. This week, amongst his tweets was the question, “What is this bird game everybody keeps talking about?” On May 4 he then wrote, “Actually, I could make calls, receive calls, text, receive texts, get the time and charge it every 4 days. What else do i need? Bird games?” The question is will the legend be able to withstand the draw of the Angry Birds for much longer?

When Rupert Elder took down the European Poker Tour San Remo the usual frenzy of congratulations took place on Twitter. On May 4 Elder tweeted his appreciation, saying, “oh my what a life!!! thanks very much everyone for support by tweets/fb/texts etc really means a lot to me. i’m one lucky mofo!”

Online pro Shane Schleger had written to Elder on May 2 saying, “whomever you are, good luck in teh san ramo.” And followed this up on May 3 with, “Woo-hoo congrats @ruperte and @HotKarlMC for taking the top two spots in EPT San Remo. Very well done fellas!”

Without hearing back from the new EPT hero, a funny interaction then occurred when Schleger, the following day, tweeted, “After winning 930K-euros (that’s right, plural), I guess @ruperte is now “too big time” to respond to me on Twittter!”

That day Elder responded. “@ShaneSchleger who are you again?” To which Schleger replied, “I have been asking this question a lot myself recently”

May 3 brought the news that Joe Hachem had launched his website. He tweeted, “My website just went live,only after 6yrs….very exciting. Visit and check it out. I promise to make it the it can be, thx.

Avid tweeter Marcel Luske was one of the first to compliment Hachem, saying, “Beautifull site Joe, congratulations, Your in the Worlds top 5 poker pro player website list now.. officially my nr 1”

This week, the wires will be set alight with players twittering about the Grand Final action in Madrid but for now everyone is settling in to a long week of action. EPT winner Liv Boeree recently wrote, “Just ate my bodyweight in tapas. Eees good.” Barry Greenstein tweeted, “My horoscope in a Madrid magazine claimed, “You may have a tendency to anger easily.” I call that bluff!” And EPT London champ David Vamplew joined in saying, “Just saw someone on the casino shuttle bus with a hand rankings sheet. gl 2 me tomorrow”