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World Poker Tour -- Hollywood Poker Open Day 3

The Field Plays Down to 9 on a Quick Day 3 in Indiana


Erik Seidel is Running Deep in another 2011 TournamentDay 3 at the World Poker Tour Hollywood Poker Open no-limit hold’em main event saw the remaining field of 24 players return and by the end of the night just nine remained. The eventual champion will take home $273,664 in prize money at the final table on Wednesday, April 13. The players who make up the final nine include some of the most successful professionals from the tournament trail in recent memory.

The overnight chip leader is Steve Barshak with 601,000. Also near the top are notables Erik Seidel (526,000) and William Reynolds (541,000). Other big names still in the hunt are Allen Kessler (225,000), Ali Eslami (204,000), and 2010 Card Player Player of the Year Thomas Marchese (182,500).

Day 4 will take the remaining survivors down to the final television table of six. Only three players will hit the rail tomorrow so action should be tense. Check back in tomorrow evening for another summary of the day here on Card Player. Here is a look at the tournament statistics from day 3:

Day 3 Chip Counts:

Seat 1. Andy Whetstone – 83,500
Seat 2. Terry Jacobs – 106,000
Seat 3. Erik Seidel – 526,000
Seat 4. Allen Kessler – 226,000
Seat 5. Ali Eslami – 204,000
Seat 6. Tom Marchese – 182,500
Seat 7. Mike Scarborough – 467,000
Seat 8. William Reynolds – 541,000
Seat 9. Steve Barshak – 601,000

Day 3 Cashes:

10th Place – Steven Kelly ($22,167)
11th Place – Amanda Musumeci ($22,167)
12th Place – Chris Bell ($22,167)

Day 3 Notable Eliminations: Shannon Shorr, Shawn Cunix, and Andy Frankenberger

Hand of the Day:

Steven Kelly Eliminated in 10th Place ($22,167)

While Amanda Muscemi was getting knocked out of the tournament one table over Steven Kelly got the last of his chips into the middle preflop against Steve Barshak. Their cards:

Kelly: ADiamond Suit QSpade Suit
Barshak: AClub Suit KSpade Suit

Board: KClub Suit 9Heart Suit 7Heart Suit 9Spade Suit QClub Suit

Kelly was eliminated on the hand in 10h place and he will take home $22,167. Barshak grew his stack to a chip-leading 601,000 after the hand and play ended for the night.