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The Worst Celebrity Poker Players In Hollywood

by Houston Curtis |  Published: Oct 07, 2020


In my last article I gave you a detailed rundown of the top five celebrity poker players I have played with over the years in high-stakes, private poker games. This issue I’m going to flip the script to talk about the top five worst celebrity poker players I’ve ever played with! As I mentioned in my previous article, a celebrity doesn’t have to be an actor, rock star, or sporting idol, as Tinseltown also celebrates the movie mogul producers, tabloid headline makers, run-amok trust fund types, billionaires, captains of industry, and frankly, anyone who spends time dodging paparazzi, posting viral selfies from their private jet or is escorted straight up the elevator to Soho House shirtless and barefoot. My primary criteria for this list are that I have had to have played with these players in a private, VIP invite-only, cash game setting. While I’ve played in tournaments with many ...

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