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Adjusting To Your Opponents’ Negotiating Styles

by Alan Schoonmaker |  Published: Oct 07, 2020


Previous columns contained a quiz to identify your style and recommended general adjustments you should make while negotiating. Now we’ll answer four questions about your opponents: 1. Why should you adjust to them? 2. What are their general characteristics? 3. How can you identify their style? 4. How should you negotiate against them? Why Should You Adjust To Them? You, me, and everyone else want people to adjust to us. We are much more comfortable when we can act naturally. But we’ll get much better results if we adjust to them. It’s that same old trade-off between comfort and results. Losers emphasize comfort; winners go for results. What Are Their General Characteristics? You may wonder why I’m discussing your opponents’ motives and thinking patterns. Don’t all poker players want to maximize their profits while playing and negotiating deals? Absolutely not! Every human being has many motives and thinking patterns, and ...

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