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Understanding Your Own Emotions

by Alan Schoonmaker |  Published: Nov 06, 2019


Part one of this series defined EQ as your emotional intelligence score and listed five components for poker players: 1. Understanding how emotions affect your own play 2. Controlling your own emotions 3. Understanding how other people emotionally react to you 4. Understanding how other people’s emotions affect their play 5. Manipulating other people’s emotions Part one is, by far, the most important part of your Poker EQ. Many players disagree. Even if they are skilled at reading and manipulating their opponents’ emotions, they may not even try to analyze their own feelings and their effects. It’s a huge mistake. If you don’t understand your emotions, you will probably make costly emotion-driven mistakes. You may even go on tilt and blow your whole bankroll. It happens every day. This column will recommend ways to increase your self-understanding and self-control. Which Emotions Are Most Dangerous for YOU? Nearly everyone has most ...

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