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Reading People, Reading Hands, And Being in Tune with Yourself Psychology and Poker: Part 1

by Roy Cooke |  Published: Sep 25, 2019


These days computers can analyze the crap out of anything. Poker has been no exception. Modern day computer geeks have created range vs. range analysis software that solves most poker problems. However, to utilize that information, you need to ascertain your opponent’s range. If you’re multi-tabling online and data-mining your opponents, it’s mostly done for you. But in live games you need to analyze people, their actions, their knowledge, their thoughts, their emotions and their mindset. And humans can be mighty complex critters! The human mind has evolved for millions of years with its basis being to survive and pass on our genes. Ten thousand years ago we were still living in caves. Our minds have evolved little since. Evolution didn’t design us to play poker well. To play well we must make adjustments to our natural way of thinking, plus read others’ natural instincts and how they have adjusted ...

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