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Real Poker: Squeezing The Squeezer: But No Juice

by Roy Cooke |  Published: Aug 28, 2019


You know the type; he just loves to push people around. He’s always betting and raising, and his wagers are often oversized. He’s intentionally forcing you out of your comfort zone; forcing you to make stands with hands you’re uncomfortable wagering such hefty amounts on. Bullies who also read people and hands well can be very tricky opponents to play against. That said, with the right strategies, they can also be exploited, and they can often be trapped into highly – negative expected value (EV) situations. Playing $2-$5 at Caesars Palace, I’d just lost the previous pot and was only $440 deep. My friend Dave, a very tough player, opened for $15 UTG+1. I peered down to the A Q. In that specific spot, my preflop options of calling, raising or folding were close. When my options are close EV wise, I always look for any subtle tendencies of my ...

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