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Exploiting Maniac Games

by Alan Schoonmaker |  Published: Jun 19, 2019


My previous articles discussed exploiting individual Maniacs, Rocks, and Calling Stations. Now we’ll cover games with several Maniacs. Individual Maniacs will frustrate with bluffs and terrible beats. When the table has many Maniacs, you’ll be much more frustrated. You may think Maniac Games are great because the pots are huge. Mason Malmuth disagrees: “Games with big pots are sometimes extremely lousy.” 1. There is so much raising that, “you need to be more selective about your starting hands, which implies you won’t get as many opportunities to outplay your opponents on later rounds.” 2. Because the pots become huge, bad plays become correct or almost correct. Loose players get the odds to chase with weak cards. 3. There is so much bluffing that you’re forced to call too often. (Poker Essays, pp. 114f) Ask yourself a personal question. Are Maniac Games Right for YOU? To fully exploit other players’ emotions ...

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