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Contracts and Poker: Getting a Count

by Scott J. Burnham |  Published: Feb 13, 2019


In his When I Was a Donk column (Card Player Vol. 31, No. 26), Jake Schwartz laments the time he berated an angle-shooter for taking him in. The opponent’s chips were stacked in such a way that they were hard to determine, so facing a bet, Schwartz asked for a count. The opponent answered, and Schwartz shoved. However, the opponent had understated the number of chips in his stack. After the opponent called and won the hand, Schwartz was out. He concludes, “I still think it wasn’t right for him to shoot an angle, but I also recognize that I made a mistake by not asking for the accurate count.” If he had asked for the accurate count, would it have made any difference? As Tony Dunst likes to say, let’s break it down. There are two TDA rules that directly apply to this situation, and two others that prove ...

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