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Reading And Exploiting

Calling Stations’ Emotions

by Alan Schoonmaker |  Published: Jan 30, 2019


This series began with a general discussion of why and how to read and exploit your opponents’ emotions. Then it focused on two types of emotional players, Maniacs and Rocks. Now we’ll look at Calling Stations, extremely loose-passive players. Maniacs are the easiest players to recognize. They play far too many hands, and they play them much too aggressively. They bet and raise with hands most players would fold. Calling Stations are much less obvious than Maniacs, but more visible than average players. They play far too many hands, chase with nearly hopeless draws, check when they should bet, call when they should raise, and almost never bluff. It’s the worst style. Maniacs lose more money, and they lose it more quickly, but they occasionally get lucky and have huge wins. They aggressively force out opponents, and, when they have a winner, they get great action. Calling Stations lose more ...

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