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Contracts and Poker: Disclosure

by Scott J. Burnham |  Published: Aug 01, 2018


On the river, one player bets and another goes into the tank. “Don’t call unless you can beat aces,” says the bettor, and the other player folds. The floor is then called to determine whether there has been a rule violation. The TD cites TDA Rule 67.1: “Players … must not … discuss contents of live or mucked hands.” Should the TD issue a penalty (which might be a warning)? This is one of the most controversial of the TDA Rules. The problem is that it is so vague that it is open to varying interpretation – a big problem for rules that are designed to promote uniformity in the administration of tournaments. There is a difference between language that is ambiguous and language that is vague. Ambiguity is almost always bad, for ambiguity means a word or gesture can have more than one meaning and it needs to be ...

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