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Keeping Your Balance

by Alan Schoonmaker |  Published: May 23, 2018


If you’ve never gone on tilt and made stupid mistakes, don’t read this column. If you’re one of the other 99 percent of poker players, keep reading. Why did I start so provocatively? Because tilt costs players lots of money, but too many players won’t admit that they sometimes “lose it.” You’ve certainly seen players who were obviously on tilt, but insisted they were playing well. Perhaps you were the one off balance, but didn’t realize it until much later. You took a heavy loss and had no idea why it happened. You probably blamed bad luck, but you know that’s just part of poker. And your luck wasn’t that bad. After reviewing your play, you realized that you made some mistakes you wouldn’t usually make. You may never go on highly visible tilt. Perhaps you don’t raise or three-bet with trash or chase with hopeless hands, but you occasionally ...

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