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Real Poker: I Like To “Feel” It!

by Roy Cooke |  Published: May 09, 2018


Good instincts are an attribute often used to describe the best poker players. But why do they have them, and you don’t? Where do they come from? How are they developed? What can you do to enhance your poker instincts? And how do your instincts relate to poker? Mainly through computer simulations, an unexploitable strategy, termed game theory optimal (GTO) was developed based on an opponent’s hand range, pattern recognition and mathematical counter strategies. It’s great for multi-tabling online where datamining programs can determine opponents’ average ranges. And it has a positive application in live games too, especially when the players mostly use a solid, somewhat consistent strategy. But we are not computers; we’re human beings, and there is a human consciousness that computers can’t possess. We feel emotions in ourselves and others and that consciousness can translate into reading poker situations. Most poker is played between non-scholars, particularly at ...

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