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Everybody Has Biased Thinking

by Alan Schoonmaker |  Published: Mar 28, 2018


Everybody has biased thinking, but most people won’t admit it. You, me, and everyone else want to believe that we’re objective and realistic. We can easily see that other people are biased, but usually can’t or won’t see our own biases or their destructive effects. Even when other people tell us that we’re not thinking clearly, we often refuse to admit it. Why? Because admitting that truth is too painful. We want to believe we’re rational thinkers. Since biased thinking causes bad decisions, it’s often the primary cause for disappointing poker results. As countless poker authorities have written, the most important skill is decision-making. All our other skills are almost irrelevant if our biases cause bad decisions. It doesn’t matter whether we can do complicated math calculations in our heads, or have great intuition about players, or have outstanding emotional control. If we make bad decisions, we will certainly lose. ...

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