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Crushing Live Poker With Twitter

by Bart Hanson |  Published: Jan 31, 2018


You should consider backdoor equity when making a continuation bet bluff A few years ago over at my training site,, I discussed a system that taught players when to continuation bet as a bluff, after being the preflop raiser. I called this system the “C-bet bluffing Matrix” and it involved a number of different factors that one should consider when making a continuation bet (c-bet) as a bluff. I want to further examine one of these factors, backdoor equity, as it is most likely the most important factor in today’s games. C-betting with backdoor equity means that you should choose to continuation bet boards where you can turn additional equity leading to a profitable double barrel. For example if we have K Q on a board of on a 9 8 2 board we would make a bet with two overcards and a backdoor flush draw. If there was ...

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