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Choosing the Right Bet Size: Four Guidelines

by George Mathias |  Published: Dec 20, 2017


Different situations demand different bet sizes. In some scenarios betting, say, 25 percent pot is best. In others an overbet of 2x the pot is appropriate. Today we’ll cover four guidelines for four particular bet sizes: when to use them and why. Go Smaller on Dry, Static Boards (25–35 percent pot) In general, a primary reason to bet is to deny our opponents equity. On dry boards, though, this becomes far less important, as hands that are behind our value betting range won’t have much equity. This situation is commonly referred to as being “way ahead or way behind.” Another reason to size down on dry boards is that calling ranges are often inelastic. This means, given the board texture, our opponent will react similarly to both a small and large bet. For example, on a board like A 7 2, a value betting range that contains Ax hands and ...

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