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Willpower Part II

by Steve Zolotow |  Published: Dec 06, 2017


When you are at the table you must fight for every chip. When you are away from the table, you must do everything you can to improve. In sports, the top performers, not only fight furiously during the competition, but also work harder on their skills and conditioning-think Steph Curry or Jerry Rice-than their opponents do. This also applies to games like chess (Magnus Carlsen) or bridge partnerships (Meckwell or Levin-Weinstein.) There is a German word wehrwille, which means war will and implied that who wants most to win will win. During World War II, German troops appear to have lost their will to win when attacking Russia as the temperatures plummeted to 65 below zero. Poker players also go through cold periods, but if they want to survive, they have to maintain their will to win. Another piece of supporting evidence, that discipline can become exhausted, comes from the ...

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