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British Court To Phil Ivey: “Too Clever By Half”

by Preston Oade |  Published: Dec 06, 2017


The British saying, “Too clever by half,” reflects an attitude that too much cleverness can be troublesome. It aptly captures the essence of the recent ruling of The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom issued on Oct. 25, 2017. Upholding lower court decisions, it ruled in favor of a London casino, which doesn’t have to pay Phil Ivey over £7 million (roughly $9 million USD) in Punto Banco Baccarat winnings. None of the facts of the case were disputed as the game was videotaped. The pertinent facts are as described by the Supreme Court: “The trial judge found that Mr. Ivey gave factually frank and truthful evidence of what he had done. The finding was that he was a professional gambler who described himself as an ‘advantage player,’ that is one who, by a variety of techniques, sets out to reverse the house edge and to play at odds which ...

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