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Final Table Takedown: Art Papazyan

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Nov 22, 2017


Art Papazyan played home games with friends throughout his teen years in California. When he was 21, he would occasionally drive down to Commerce Casino and play in the small buy-in games, $2-$3, $2-$5, etc. Two years ago, at 23 years old, he was running very well at the $5-$5 game and built a bankroll of about $10,000. From there he decided to drop out of college and pursue a career in live cash game poker. He continued to build a bankroll in the $5-$5 and $5-$10 games for the next year or so. Then six months ago he began playing the higher stakes cash games in Los Angeles, primarily $10-$20 and $10-$20-$40. With the guidance of some close friends and fellow high-stakes poker players, Blake Yu and Brian Kim, he developed strategies to beat the highest stakes live cash games, and was then ready to dive into tournament poker. Papazyan ...

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