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Real Poker — Predictability, Image and Gear Changing

by Roy Cooke |  Published: Oct 25, 2017


Predictability in poker is a killer. Once your opponents learn how to effectively read your play, they’ll adjust much more efficiently, significantly reducing your edge. Often players are totally unaware they possess this leak, and they’ll blow through their bankroll blaming it all on bad fortune. To thwart this, you need to vary your play against those good hand readers. Sometimes this is done by play variations, other times by image manipulation. But you should do this strategically optimally; otherwise you’ll needlessly cost yourself edge. Setting an image congruent with the optimum strategy for the current game has great value, at least until it’s effectively read. When starting a game, if you’re looking to enhance your opponents’ errors by making them call more, create a fast image early in the session. Play some fast and loose marginal hands/situations to create the appearance that you’re there to gamble. If you create ...

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