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by Alan Schoonmaker |  Published: Sep 19, 2017


Jason Zweig’s Your Money and Your Brain reports research that shows that emotions have caused millions of irrational investing decisions. The same emotions cause countless poker mistakes. Regret Is Very Painful His “Regret” chapter says, “Losing money on investment mistakes can make you feel almost unimaginatively miserable… You kick yourself with thoughts like, ‘What on earth was I thinking?’… “Your regret is … more painful when: “The outcome seems to have been caused by your own actions, not by circumstances beyond your control… “Your mistake was a result of what you did rather than what you did not do… “The action you took was a departure from your normal behavior.” After making a mistake, “you can eat yourself up in an endless cycle of ‘woulda, coulda, shoulda.’” Regret Answers A Question You’ve probably wondered, “Why do I play longer when I’m losing than when I’m winning?” It’s obviously irrational: Winning ...

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