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Big O

by Gavin Griffin |  Published: Jul 19, 2017


As I’m wont to do occasionally, I’ve started playing in a new game. This one is not entirely new to me like Archie, but it has taken some adjusting to figure out hand strengths. I’ve been playing Big O, which is pot-limit Omaha eight-or-better with five cards. In other words, you’re dealt five cards and have to play two of them from your hand and three from the board. The pot is split between the best high hand and the best eight-or-better low (five unpaired cards eight or lower). The betting format is pot limit. I’ve played quite a bit of pot-limit Omaha high in my life and quite a bit of Omaha hi/lo in my life but not much pot-limit Omaha eight-or-better (PLO 8/ob) and very little Big O. I also haven’t found much literature on the game, though I haven’t looked too hard yet. I’ve mostly been floundering ...

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