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Crushing Live Poker With Twitter

by Bart Hanson |  Published: Jun 21, 2017


April 29 — If the situation lines up correctly sometimes you can call with a draw on a double paired board. On the surface calling with a draw on a doubled paired board seems like suicide especially if you do not have showdown value. But occasionally, if all things line up correctly, the situation may warrant it.  I played a hand at the Commerce Casino last week that demonstrates such a scenario. Everyone at the table was at least $2,000 deep and the game was $5-$10 no-limit. A recreational, action player opened for a raise to $40 from under-the-gun. I called in middle position with 5 4and both the small blind and big blind called. The big blind was a recreational player, one of the better players in the entire player pool and clearly a winning player.   The flop came out 3 3 2 giving me an open-ended straight flush draw. Both the blinds and ...

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