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A Decent Spot To Min-Raise?

by Jonathan Little |  Published: May 10, 2017


I was recently forwarded a hand by one of my students that demonstrates an error that many small stakes players make on a regular basis (min-raising after the flop). In a $1-$2-$5 game (there are three blinds), a player in second position raised to $15 out of his $500 starting stack. The button also called. Our Hero elected to call with 9 9 from the small blind, as did an aggressive player in the big blind. I like Hero’s preflop call, although if effective stacks were shorter, going all-in could easily be the best option. As long as Hero expects an all-in to make the initial raiser fold a large amount of the time, if the stacks were perhaps $200 or smaller, going all-in would be a reasonable option because Hero will often win the pot immediately before the flop and when he gets called, 9-9 will have reasonable equity. ...

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