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Thinking Versus Feeling

by Alan Schoonmaker |  Published: Mar 01, 2017


“How could I be such an idiot?” was the title of my last column, and that question began Jason Zweig’s fascinating book, Your Money And Your Brain. It was written for investors, and poker is a form of investing. It said we have two brains; the reflexive brain feels, and the reflective brain thinks. Their operating principles have been called “intuition, “gut reactions,” “logic, “analysis,” and several other terms. The reflexive brain evolved millions of years before the reflective one, acts much more quickly, and is much more powerful. This book and a mountain of research directly contradict the classical economists’ position that we’re primarily rational thinkers who carefully analyze all our alternatives and select the best one. The reflexive brain evolved first and acts more quickly because we couldn’t survive without quickly recognizing and reacting to threats by fighting or running away. If we took the time to carefully ...

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