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How Could I Be Such An Idiot?

by Alan Schoonmaker |  Published: Feb 01, 2017


How could I be such an idiot? A remarkable book, Your Money & Your Brain, begins with that question. It continues: “If you’ve never yelled that sentence at yourself in a fury, you’re not an investor. There may be nothing across the entire spectrum of human endeavor that makes so many smart people feel so stupid as investing does.” I agree with everything except the statement that nothing makes people feel so stupid. Serious poker players often feel very stupid. Of course, we’re not idiots. We’re intelligent, analytic people. We’ve studied strategy and psychology, analyzed our mistakes, and sworn to do better, but then repeated the same silly mistakes. What’s wrong with us? The answer is surprisingly simple: Millions of years of evolution created brains which are primarily emotional, not logical. All players – including you, me and the top pros – are occasionally illogical. My writing, especially Your Worst Poker ...

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