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Inspired by Tommy Angelo

by Gavin Griffin |  Published: Sep 28, 2016


I played my first major tournament since the World Series of Poker main event recently and it was a bit of a letdown. After all the pageantry and excitement of making a (semi) deep run in the main event, it was a bit hard to come in to a day 1 with 30,000 chips and 50-100 blinds. This is, however, my profession and it’s still nice to be able to play some interesting tournament hands. There is one that certainly sticks out from the day. In the first level, I still have almost exactly the same starting stack. A player UTG limps for 100 and I make it 450 in the cutoff with two red aces. A long-time reg, who I have played with before, makes it 1,500 off of 31,000 from the big blind. I think this is usually A-K, A-Q suited, J-J+, and maybe a couple bluffing hands ...

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