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Just When You Think There’s Nothing New in the Poker World…

by Linda Johnson |  Published: Apr 27, 2016


Most of you have heard of or participated in some type of poker “partners” or “tag team” event. Usually there are two people on a team (sometimes you are allowed to play in a doubles event without a partner) and the two team members share one stack of chips. The standard format calls for the partners to switch at the end of each round. If there is more than one game being played, for instance limit hold’em and limit Omaha eight-or-better, the partners switch every time the game changes. Jan Fisher and I had the pleasure recently of hosting the Nevada State Ladies Poker Championship, held at the Peppermill Resort in Reno, Nevada. I looked on the schedule and saw an event called “Tag Team Switch.” I googled Tag Team Switch to find out more about its origin, its rules, and so on, but all I got was results from ...

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