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Crushing Live Poker With Twitter

by Bart Hanson |  Published: Apr 27, 2016


March 2 — When the pot is large and your opponent only calls a big bet or raise without much money behind, there is a good chance he’s on a draw. There are times, especially on the turn, where it becomes very obvious that your opponent must be on a draw. These situations normally occur when your opponent calls a big bet or raise without much money behind. Simple logic dictates that, if he had a made hand, he would simply move all in instead of just call. If you pay attention to spots like this, you can pick up some great bluffing opportunities. I was involved with a hand last week at the Commerce Casino’s $5-$10 no-limit game which is a great example of this concept. In retrospect, I think I misplayed the hand on earlier streets, but was left with a river that I could not pass up ...

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