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The How and the Why

by Gavin Griffin |  Published: Nov 25, 2015


As I mentioned in my last column, I recently went deep in a tournament at an LA casino. There were definitely some interesting hands that I played, but perhaps the most interesting hand I witnessed was one in which I wasn’t involved. It was late on day 1 and a player I know from my regular casino had recently been moved to my table with a healthy stack. Before this, I had only ever played cash games with him, but he’s a competent player, if sometimes prone to fancy play syndrome (I’m certain I know of no other such players with similar tendencies). He opened the pot from the cutoff for about 2.6 times the big blind (BB). I folded my small blind, but the big blind defended. The flop was A-10-5 and the action went check, bet three big blinds (BBs), call. The turn was another ten and the ...

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