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Appreciating the Value of Money

by Bernard Lee |  Published: Oct 28, 2015


I have been extremely fortunate to be playing poker professionally for almost a decade. Over the years, I have also been recognized for my role in the poker media and also as an instructor in numerous training sessions. Therefore, I have been asked many questions and advice about poker. Here are a few of the most common questions: Question: What are some of the most common mistakes beginning poker players make? Answer: Amateur players often play too many hands. They also should avoid playing hands out of position. Finally, they should not get married to pocket aces or top pair. Question: What is the best tournament of the year? Answer: World Series of Poker (with regards to the tournaments, prize pools and atmosphere) or PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (with regards to weather and family fun) Question: Besides no-limit hold’em, what are your favorite poker games? Answer: Deuce-to-seven no-limit single draw and ...

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