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Bluffing or Value Betting?

by Gavin Griffin |  Published: Oct 14, 2015


I played a hand recently in my regular $5-$5 game that I found very interesting and apparently, so did my opponent. He posted this hand on Bart Hanson’s website under the user name Chilidog. Here’s how he described it (My stack is the effective one, $490): Preflop ($10) Gavin raises utg to $20 (on the smaller side for this game, but i think he generally adjusts his sizing based on effective stacks), hero calls on the button with Q Q, villain 2 calls in SB. Flop ($65) 5 4 4 SB checks, Gavin bets $30, hero calls, villain 2 in SB calls. Turn ($155) 10 SB checks, Gavin bets $115, hero calls fairly quickly, SB calls in tempo. River ($500) 7 SB checks, Gavin bets all in for $325, hero? (SB is still behind with a live hand) These details are accurate as far as I remember them. I have A 10 in this ...

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