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The Poker Player’s Manifesto: Part XXVI - Table Image

by Bryan Devonshire |  Published: Aug 05, 2015


I used to put a lot of mental effort into putting together my outfit for a session of poker. I would wear my brightest Hawaiian shirt, attract a lot of attention to myself, and assume that people would be calling me lighter. Other days, I would show up wearing a Stetson, never say a word, and bluff every opportunity I could get. I went through a phase of wearing suits to final tables and another of going barefoot at final tables. Some things matter and other things don’t, but opponents do make inferences about our games based on how they perceive us visually. Before we focus too much on our wardrobe, let’s understand how people perceive us demographically. Men are perceived to be more aggressive than women. Young people are also assumed to be more aggressive than older people. Asians are perceived to gamble more, while White dudes are typically ...

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