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Poker Sandwiches

by Max Shapiro |  Published: May 13, 2015


Had I written a column every time Action Al badgered me with one of his loopy story ideas, I would have have accumulated enough material for a dozen encyclopedias. Recently I ran into him again, and he immediately greeted me with a question: “Say, Max, how come you never use any of the column ideas I give you?” “Because,” I answered as diplomatically as I could, “none of them ever make any sense.” “Not so fast, Max, I’ve got a really great one this time. “You see,” he babbled on before I could stop him, “the Rio is opening a fancy sandwich shop in time for the World Series. So how about you help them out by giving them a list of signature sandwiches inspired by the personalities of well-known poker players?” With that, he handed me the names he “just happened” to have with him. The concept wasn’t up ...

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