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Limit Hold'em Is Dying, It's Time To Become Bi-Poker

by Roy Cooke |  Published: Aug 06, 2014


It’s nowhere near dead yet, but the signs are on the wall. Yes, there are still pockets where medium-to-high limit hold’em is played. Some states don’t allow big-bet poker, forcing their cardrooms to spread fixed limit and spread limit. And California still has a significant limit hold’em base. But massive markets like Florida opened up with barely a limit hold’em game in sight and those that do exist are low-limit. Most major Las Vegas cardrooms don’t spread limit above $10-$20, and the WSOP at the Rio didn’t even get one regular limit hold’em game during the entire series this year. Most of the “new blood” in poker is playing no-limit, while the limit players are moving on to different grounds or quitting the game. All this is very saddening to me. Limit hold’em has been the nucleus of my poker career for the last 41 years. Fifteen years ago it ...

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