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Irrefutable Southern Logic - If they’re going to fold, and you don’t have anything, might as well get ‘em to fold.

by Bryan Devonshire |  Published: Apr 16, 2014


Now that we have made it through the middle stages of the tournament, everyone’s sights are set on the money. Players are busting out more slowly as they become more risk averse with the money approaching. Strategy from here until the money varies greatly with stack size and table dynamics. Sometimes it is correct to play every single hand, sometimes our opponents will automatically assume that we never have anything. In my previous column, we discussed sailing through the middle stages, and if things have gone our way then we have a healthy and above average stack. The closer we get to the money, the more we should be looking to get players to fold hands that they otherwise wouldn’t. I have seen players fold aces on the bubble, but I haven’t seen anybody fold aces two away from the money. As with every other hand of poker, we must ...

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