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Damn, He Check-Raised Me!

by Roy Cooke |  Published: Apr 16, 2014


Play poker and you’re going to get check-raised. If you play quality opponents, it will happen often. How to effectively counter the check-raise is largely based on your opponents’ tendencies. The fact that check-raising is both widespread, and the range of circumstances substantial, makes your counterstrategy both tricky and very important to your overall results. In the cutoff in a tight afternoon $40-$80 at the Bellagio, I looked down to the K 8 and open-raised, hoping to pick up the blinds. With that texture of holding, much of the equity of my raise comes from picking up the blinds uncontested. The value of winning the $60 is greater equity that I’m generally going to obtain if I get called. The steal didn’t work; the big blind (BB), an aggressive quality-thinking pro, called me. Now I was going to have to win the pot the old–fashioned way, by earning it! The ...

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